Zumba – Shake it till you Make it…

Years ago, prior to my sleeve surgery, I went to some Zumba classes. Being the size I was, while I liked the music, I found it pretty hard to keep up in any way with the rest of the class so I stopped going after a class or two.

Fast forward to a few months ago when I learned there were some classes locally in our town rec center and I decided to try out a class there. Well I immediately fell in love with it.  The instructor is vibrant – the atmosphere is great… and the other people there are all very friendly and welcoming.

Now I’m simply hooked….  So much so that I’ll do Youtube videos on days when I don’t have a class.  You may not know this but there’s even a Zumba Fitness radio station on Pandora.  I listen to it pretty regularly and just end up dancing around the house throughout the day.  If you use Pandora, give it a try and see if you are able to sit still after hearing that music 🙂

I’m really very, very happy that I have found something I love and that I found such a great group of people to do it with.  Usually the first class is free so, if you are interested, go to  Zumba.com and search for classes in your local area.  There are certain categories geared towards different levels so there’s something out there for everyone.    

I also found some very good videos on Youtube that I feel aren’t too difficult so you don’t even have to leave your house, nor pay a dime, to give it a try.  I posted them on our Pinterest page but will add some links to playlists with several videos below.  Of course you can also just go on YouTube and search for Zumba to see what’s out there if you don’t like these selections.

FaithFit Playlist

Cassie Brandi Playlist


I even bought these cute little sneaker covers because I wanted to be able to glide a little better on the floor at the rec center.

Zumba is great for getting a complete body workout and burning hundreds of calories and getting thousands of steps in from just one class.  I’ve heard people say that they have no coordination or can’t dance or whatever so they don’t want to go.  I had an instructor years ago who said something that I thought was great and I haven’t forgotten — ‘Don’t worry about people looking at you in the class, they’re too busy watching themselves.’  Makes me laugh every time I think of it because it sure is true 🙂

I’m sure there are lots of others in our group who are enjoying Zumba as much as I am.  My God Daughter even owns a Zumba Fitness Center in NY and, her mother, my BFF works there too. My sister-in-law has also been hooked on it for years.

So get out there and dance, dance, dance…..  and have fun while doing so….

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