Recipe: Easy Meat Ball Parmigiana in Air Fryer

Here’s another great recipe for Meat Ball Parmigiana that I made in my Air Fryer.  I expect you can just as easily make it in the oven also, but we all know how much I love my air fryer 🙂  It’s low carb and there are only four ingredients used so easy peasy.


1 lb ground beef (I expect you could use turkey, etc. too)

1 envelope Onion Soup Mix

Spaghetti sauce (amount to your liking)

Cheese – Mozzarella, Italian Blend, etc – again to your liking)


In a bowl combine the ground beef and onion soup mix.  Roll and shape into meat balls and place into air fryer basket or pan.  I used a small baking pan so that I could add the sauce and cheese after the meatballs cooked and have the cheese melted right in the air fryer also.

Cook in Air Fryer at 360 degrees for 12-14 minutes.  You may want to turn them over or remove the pan from the air fryer and shake a bit at the half way mark.

Top with sauce and cheese and reheat to warm sauce and melt cheese.

That’s it!  Enjoy.

FYI – I adapted this from one of the COOKINGWITHDOUG videos on YouTube.  He made them into a sub but I did not add bread. If you want to see how he made them click on the link below:


Please enter any questions or comments below.  I’d love for others to share their favorite recipes or other hints and tips too.




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