Wonderful Pistachios truly are Wonderful!

Well, they really are…  I love pistachios and I doubt too many days go by that I don’t eat them.

When I started thinking about the category of  ‘Favorite Foods’ I thought about things that I eat pretty much daily and that I make sure I have stocked in my cabinets at home.  I happen to like the ‘Wonderful’ brand; CVS brand would probably be my 2nd choice.

Keep reading below to learn how I find good deals on them.  Of course if you don’t like pistachios,  I doubt this will interest you much… but at the same time you can also just substitute my advice with another healthy nut alternative, such as almonds, walnuts, etc.

I carry the individual packs with me and keep them in my car, etc. so I have some on hand should I get hungry while I’m out.  I’ve even calculated it to the point that I know that if I’m hungry and I eat 12 pistachio nuts the hunger goes away.  I guess that sounds like a pretty sad life, huh 🙂  The best place I’ve found to buy the individual packs is in Sam’s Club so if you are a member (or know a member), that’s the place to go.

I’ve read in many magazines and other media how nuts, in general are good for you – almonds, walnuts, etc. And I do enjoy those too but they’re not my favorite.  They have a good amount of protein and fiber. They’re also natural, so much better for us then processed foods which abound in the stores.

I’ve recently found a good way to get them regularly at a lower price; especially since I like this particular brand.  Call me late to the party but I had heard of CVS ExtraBucks but really never paid attention to them.  However, recently we seem to go to CVS quite a lot to pick up presciptions.  Their smartphone app makes it very easy to track both your prescriptions and your ExtraCare account.  Lately it seems that each week either CVS or Walgreens has had these on sale.  There’s also a .50 off coupon online that you can print out for additional savings.  Click on this link to get it. I usually print a bunch of them out since the last ones I printed are good until 12/31/17.

In addition, CVS has been giving $5.00 in ExtraBucks for either buying these nuts specifically or buying their groceries in general.  For example, recently they had a $5.00 extra carebucks offer if you bought $15 of groceries.  The pistachios were already on sale so I bought just enough to get me over the $15 mark (I think it was 5 packages) and then I used coupons for $.50 each that I had gotten from the link I shared above.  CVS limits you to a maximum of four coupons for one item so I couldn’t use for all 5, but still ended up with another $2 off total.  And along with that I got $5 credit for a future CVS purchase….. which I just used a few weeks ago to buy – you guessed it – more pistachio nuts 🙂

I know some people say they are too much work to take out of the shell – really?  You can buy them shelled already but that would be a huge ‘red light’ for me since I’m sure I would just pop a handful in my mouth at a time.  Having to take off the shells takes me a little more time which helps my stomach register that it’s getting full faster.

Enough about me though — what are some of your favorite foods that help you stay on track?  Click on ‘Leave a Comment’ above to share with the group.





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