My Non-Scale Victories (aka NSV’s) – Past, Present & Future


I don’t think that I ever heard of the acronym “NSV”, or phrase “Non-Scale Victory” until I joined various online weight loss groups so it may or may not be familiar to you. Especially if you are still in the ‘researching WLS’ or ‘just learning about all of this stuff’ phase.

The intent of course, is to capture our victories that are outside of the numbers showing on our scale…. The reality being that we may not always see the scale #’s go down as quickly as we might like; yet our clothes are looser, for instance, or we were able to do something we either have never done before or hadn’t been able to do in so many years or months since we started losing weight. Hopefully, you get the idea… Of course, these may be small or major achievements and they should be set by us alone in order to keep them personal. At the end of the day this is our personal journey and we should acknowledge, let alone celebrate in big or small ways the victories that we achieve along the way.

By now you may have noticed that I am someone who tracks things; I’ve done this since high school actually.  This may sound pitiful but I recall that when I was in my senior year of High School and after starting my first full time job, I had a wall calendar where I wrote down what I wore to school or work each day – with a goal of not wearing the same thing for at least two weeks… because God forbid the ‘clothes’ police called me out on wearing the same thing too often.  I mean talk about the peer pressure – which I really just put upon myself  – Ugh! I laugh to myself about it now but I’m telling the truth; this was somehow a big concern of mine 🙂

Even now, I am a very big fan and creator of spreadsheets.  I track all kinds of things… I plan on sharing some of my spreadsheet templates via future blog posts or pages, which I think others may find useful too

For today’s entry, however, my recommendation is that you come up with your own NSV list, if you don’t already have one. 

Never stop reaching for those stars…. As the saying goes…. ‘this is a journey, not a destination’. I am also a big believer in establishing goals in all areas of our lives – personal, professional, financial, relationship – etc etc.

Progress Photos:

progress photo

March 2012 – I got a new hairdo a couple of weeks after surgery

bariatric surgery progress

May 2012 – 50 lbs Down

PAST Non-Scale Victories:

Below is what I originally posted in my account on on 8/23/2012.
I’ve updated it with additional victories I achieved since then as well some of my future goals.  There are many other things I can add to this list so I’ll have to work on that too.

As documented in my own BariatricPal Post – Dated 8/23/2012 (username=want2bthin)

“Updates to my “Ah Hah” moments that I am looking forward to – in relatively random

● Surgery complete — Achieved — 3/7/2012
● Size 2X clothes fit again — Achieved — 4/4/2012
● Start Jazzercise Classes — Decided to join LA Fitness and work with a Personal
Trainer instead — Achieved 5/23/12
● No longer have to wear airplane seat belt extender — Achieved 5/1/2012 –
WOOHOO!!! Flew on six planes (different models) over the next three weeks with
no Extender!!
● Size 1X clothes fit again — Achieved 6/13/12 – some fit, not all – varies by brand of course
● BMI less than 40 – graduated from Morbidly Obese to Very Obese –Achieved  7/3/12 — 214.5 lbs (BMI 39.9) started at BMI of 53.2
● Reach “ONEDERLAND”! — Achieved 8/4/2012 @ 199.9 lbs
● Size XL clothes fit again — Achieved approx 8/4/2012
● Sit with legs crossed – comfortably! — Achieved 8/15/2012
● BMI less than 35 – graduated from Very Obese to Obese — started at BMI of 53.2 – Achieved
● Able to wear one of the cute sundresses I see at Flea Markets — Achieved – although I don’t think that I ever bought one until after I got close to or @ goal
● Go bike riding — Achieved 5/20/2012 Bought a new bike and took it for a spin.
● Size L clothes fit again — Achieved 8/15/2012 – now wearing Size 16 tops/bottoms

Progress Photo – 90 lbs lost (8/22/12):

weight loss progress - 90 lbs down

Down 90 lbs

● Weigh less than I did on my Wedding Day in 1983 (was 163 lbs then) –– Achieved
● BMI less than 30 – graduated from Obese to Overweight — started at BMI of 53.2 — Achieved
● Size M clothes fit again — Achieved
● Go rollerblading — As of today, 7/14/2017, I still haven’t done this yet… so I guess I need to add it to the ‘FUTURE’ list instead
● Size S clothes fit — Achieved May 2013

● Reach Goal Weight — Achieved 5/4/2013 – Under Goal!”

PRESENT Non-Scale Victories:

  • Start Blog and establish new WLS group to come together and help each other — Achieved 7/4/2017
  • Create YouTube channel and publish first YouTube video — Achieved 7/12/2017
  • Have Arm Lift Surgery — Achieved 5/24/2017

FUTURE Non-Scale Victories:

  • Take a cruise to Cuba in the October 2017 to celebrate my husband’s ‘milestone’ birthday (Scheduled)
  • Take a cruise to Hawaii in the fall of 2018 to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary


Please share your NSVs here or share your progress reports along the way. If you are struggling then send me a private email (via the Contact form) use the ‘Leave a Reply’ feature or post in our Facebook page to get group input.  

Wishing you all the best and much success….. always.




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