Why drinking more water is crucial to weight loss success…

Weight Loss Success – Drinking water helps expel that body fat you’ve burned…

In this article I am going to tell you what I did to increase my water consumption and how I now typically drink 100+ oz of water a day.

I know that this is an area where many people who are trying to lose weight struggle but I’ve also learned that it’s all the more critical for weight loss surgery patients.  The simple fact is that after weight loss surgery, when you are in the weight loss stage you will be losing fat very quickly and your body has to have the ability to expel that fat (it doesn’t just evaporate on its own). Especially considering that the fat is burned down to a liquid form our bodies have to get rid of it and, thankfully , it has a natural route to do just that.

Now I know the usual advice for weight loss is to drink eight 8 oz glasses of water a day. My surgeon’s was 100 oz per day – and I really saw a difference if I drank just 64 oz.  Some of you are probably saying that you can’t even do that – and that’s understandable.  The key here is to strive for ‘progress, not perfection’. So if you make a goal to drink more – whether your starting goal is 16, 32, 64, 100+ ounces

Some of you are probably saying that you can’t even do that – and that’s understandable.  The key here is to strive for ‘progress, not perfection’. So if you make a goal to drink more – whether your starting goal is 16, 32, 64, 100+ ounces, make a concerted effort to drink more and then set a higher goal after you achieve the first, or most recent one.

disposable water bottles, drink enhancers

My disposable water bottles and drink enhancer collection. I ensure that my house is ‘stocked’ with these.

What I did originally is started with the 16-20 oz bottled water that you can get virutally anywhere – and my goal was to drink 4-5 of those per day.  After  a while of d drinking the smaller bottles I realized that just by going to the next size up it would take a fewer number of bottles for me to get at least the same, but preferably more in.  So for the next few years I ‘upgraded’ to the 24 oz bottle size and had a goal of getting 4 of those in.  I took them with me everywhere.

I generally add flavors to my water (like crystal light or other brand water enhancers). That helps a lot for me to drink more.  And I keep an assortment of flavors on hand at home or in my purse so that I always have them with me.  I even take the individual packets on cruises with me and by having four different ones each day I ensure I have variety.  When I was working for my first bottle I always put in the ‘energy’ type enhancer – which just meant it had caffeine.  This was essentially my ‘coffee’ since I’m one of the few people on the planet (I guess) who doesn’t like coffee 🙂

lapband weight loss surgery revision drink water

Two different 32 oz water bottles I own

Then recently I decided to ‘upgrade’ again to a 32 oz size bottle and now my goal is to drink at least 3, but preferably 4 of them.

32 oz water bottle from Amazon

My newest ‘addition’ which tracks oz for you plus includes an infuser, insulated cover and even a gel freeze pak. Click photo for Amazon link.











I truly believe that if you up your water you will see great results.  I consider drinking 100+ oz a day to be part of what I consider to be one of the 3 ‘foolproof steps to lose weight’…. that I will share in a future post.

I know the other biggest concern is that drinking all that water naturally means you also have to go to the bathroom many more times a day too.  That’s true and it’s a fact that we have to deal with and plan around.  Honestly when I used to sit on the toilet ‘expelling’ I would just think to myself that it means I’m burning more fat.  And that was usually proven by the scale numbers going down the next time I weighed myself.  Of course if you are travelling or your desk is a long way from the bathroom, or whatever, then factor that into your plans.  At one point my office was pretty far from a bathroom and I learned that I should not wait until things were really bad since it took so long to get there.  If you have to set a timer since you know you’ll have to go every hour or two, do so.  Also, finish drinking your water a couple of hours before bed time.  This is what will help you succeed, and most of it is common sense.  The reward will be huge though and it’s all worth it in the end.

I hope you find this useful.  I would love to hear about what works best for you – what hints or tips do you have to share with the group to get more water in?  Or let us know if you are struggling and have any questions or concerns?

Please use the ‘leave a reply’ feature to respond.  Thanks.

p.s. I’m posting some photos of what’s worked for me.  I bought the two 32 oz bottles on Amazon. After I realized that the first one I bought did not fit well in my car cup holders I bought the newest one – which I really love for lots of reasons.  Of course go with whatever you find works best for you  and your budget.  Water bottles are abundantly available in Dollar Stores, etc.







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